My big scenario work for today is gone

I am devsated not finding my scenario I have worked so hard on.
I have saved it multiple times during this time.
Now it is not to be found anywhere.
What seems to be an old version for 4 days are there.
I paid subscription 4 days to allow for more operations.
How can I get back my work?

Is there a way to see and get into what I did today?

Hello @Jinz,

Sorry to hear that you’ve lost your work.
Here’s a link to open a ticket with the Make team:

Do you share your login with anyone?
Or is there another member of your org that would work on the same scenario?
Do you leave your scenario open in the browser for days without refreshing the page?
All of these things can contribute to this kind of problem.

I hope the Make Support team can help you out here.