Why no customer support?

I have become a paid user, on the Teams plan. But I had a couple of questions last week, and a while later got an email back to say “We can’t support free customers”, since when I’ve heard nothing more.

I thought that one of the benefits of paying for an account was that support was included.

But perhaps not? Is support no longer provided?

Hi Andrew! They will reply you soon. But if have something we can help you in the community, let us.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:


Hello @Andrew_Richards welcome to the community :wave:

I would like to say that we are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience caused by the incorrect labeling of your account as a free user. Please know that we have taken the necessary steps to correct this mistake and somebody from the customer support team will be with you and ready to help asap.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and your patience :pray:

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