Creating an automated referral process my customers can use

Good afternoon. I’m not techy and also find it hard to explain tech stuff but I will give it my best shot.

I’m a business development manager for large energy supplier here in Australia. I have put a referral program together to help my customers help me grow my portfolio. What I want to create is an app that allows them to share my details super quick and easy. Most of my customers are small businesses like cafes, bars, motels restaurants etc. A lot of them are more than willing to have a small counter display promoting me and what I have on offer.

I want a QR code on display at these businesses that is specific to that business that when scanned opens up a very basic form (First Name, last name, ph and email). It has to integrate with the Salesforce CRM to create a basic lead. I would like a way to print out a batch of QR codes that when I am at a new business that with this new app quickly scan it and set up the backend. ***** I told you I’m no good at explaining tech stuff :rofl: *****

I would love to continue this chat with you folk to help me put this together please.



Hey Craig! No worries about explaining tech stuff, I totally get it! Your idea for a referral program sounds awesome and can definitely help grow your portfolio.

I have done configurations like that before and for sure I can help you, please check my profile
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Hi Rafael. where can we continue this chat? Do we do it here?



Hello Craig,
you can write me on Fiverr or send me message in LinkedIn as well

also here

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Hi Craig, we can help you build the stuff you need :slightly_smiling_face:

You can contact us via ⚡️ Visio / Appel | Guillaume PLISZCZAK |

Hello @aussiefx

This QR generation process is designed as a straightforward and uncomplicated solution for any form. The concept is simple: you create your forms and input the corresponding link in a Google Sheet. A function will then send the QR code to a webhook in Integromat, where it can be further processed through subsequent steps.