Creating Discord channel in one scenario then watching for first post by user in another?

So! In scenario A (using my own custom Discord bot) I create a private Discord channel for a new user on my Discord, and I store the channel ID, the user’s email address, and the user’s username in a Data Store, along with a boolean field referring to whether the user has posted yet in this channel (by default obviously ‘no’).

I want to have scenarios B and C also:

Scenario B would be activated by that record’s creation in Scenario A’s data store, and would send email reminders 2 days after the Discord channel is created, then 7 days after, to post in that channel. It would be deactivated from doing so as soon as the ‘has posted’ value in the data store becomes true.

Scenario C would activate when the Discord bot detects that this user has indeed posted for the first time in their private discord channel, greeting them and logging that the user’s enrolment is now complete.

How do I set these two scenarios up? I have no idea what the actual triggers should be and how I would have this operational for multiple users going through this process (so multiple channels will be created and would need these scenarios operational at the appropriate times in relation to their data)

Any help or suggestions much appreciated!

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I would use a Webhook in Scenarios C and B and from Scenario A, I would send the data to the webhooks of the corresponding scenarios