Slack Watch Private Message Trigger not triggering


I am trying to set up a scenario with a Slack watch private channel trigger, but it seems that the scenario will not trigger when I send new messages to the channel.

I have the scheduling type set as “On Demand” which I thought should trigger as soon as a new message comes through, but no luck… When I use the “run once” option, it correctly reads a new channel message, but not automatically as I need it to.

Below is a screenshot of my Trigger, and the slack channel so you can see new messages are coming in to the same channel, but not being processed.

Any ideas what’s going wrong here?


Hi @Podcast_Partnership,

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Are you posting with the same user that is used for the connection? Then a webhook will not be triggered in Slack. The logic is as follows: you posted a message yourself, so why would you receive a webhook that a message is posted?

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