Creating Google doc in the sequence, then amending it later in the sequence

##google setup

Right now, the whole sequence is fine; it does exactly what I want (almost). This might be overcommunication - so feedback is great - I am trying to be as complete as possible to garner an easy answer from you.

I add a link to Slack to trigger the sequence, and then it runs the automation from the link. I want to summarize the posting from the link, yet I want to create a new Google Doc each time with the date that the initial run to Slack creates.

I am simply unsure how to name the document so that when I run it, a new G-doc is created and then amended with the image and text I create later. Do I map it? How do I map it to that sequence node?

I am literally brand new; I have only had an account for about 2 days, and I did not see what I wanted to do answered already (or I am unaware of what to look for).

I β€œthink” I would create the node right after the 5th action, right after the chat GPT data creation, and before the router. I am creating three different documents in three different folders to keep them separate. The last step in the sequence amends the document, yet I have a single document that is already made, yet it will get longer, and I do not want that. I want each time the sequence runs to create a new document and then amend it in each sequence branch that is named by the Slack date. That is fine; there are three different drive folders.

Each folder will have a new document labelled with a date and then amended with data and an image from GPT. How do I make it, name it that way, and then find it in the sequence?


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  1. You can either avoid using routers so that your scenario is linear, or

  2. You can use the Router Magic Formula to pass the document ID to the other routes (link below)

Here are some useful links and guides you can use to learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules. I found these useful when I was learning Make, and hope they might benefit you too β€”


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@samliew - just BRILLIANT! Thanks so much - will jump right into these solutions!