Google Docs creation


I am Aleksandra and I am looking for someone who could help me resolve the issue with my automation which I do not understand. I have created and automation that reads my audio files added to google drive and then ChatGPT creates three scripts based on the knowledge from the audio and creates a google docs with 3 scripts ready for video recording. Everything works correct apart from the fact that instead of 3 scripts, I always get 1 full one, and the second is stopped in the middle, never finished, and the 3rd one never is created. I am new to this and I do not know if this is some constriction from OpenAI (API’s usage here is enough) or this is some error from Google Docs…? I do not know where to look for the answer.

Does anyone know how I can fix that?
Thank you in advance.

Did you try to increase the number of tokens or split the prompts into three separate OpenAI modules?