Drive Creation Error

Hi everyone !

I have been trying to create a summary of google meet transcript but have been running in front of an issue when I try to create a new docs with the text that GPT outputs. Here is the error shown when I’m trying to run the create a file drive module alone.

For reference the mappings and File content box is empty.

Thank you to anyone who could help me solve this !

May peace be upon you @Attlan

Can you share the whole mapping fields for the document creation and also share the scenario blueprint?

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Hey man thank you - do you have discord for a call to help me ? I’m taking screenshots of the ùmapping fields and will be sending it to you shortly :slight_smile:

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@Attlan I have sent you a message, you can respond to that or send me an email at

blueprint.json (23.1 KB)

Is this the mapping you told me to send?


Reznan was so cool ! We had a meeting on discord where he ran me through the correction :). Kuddos to him <3

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Hello @Attlan great to hear that you got things up and running with the help of @Automate_with_Rezwan.

While I understand the convenience of private discussions, our community values public sharing of knowledge for the benefit of everyone. Would you mind providing a summary of what did the trick for you? It would be very helpful.

Thank you!


For sure. I was able to fix my problem by changing the “file content” from <5. choices.text> to <5.choices.Messages.content>. Also the file name had to be changed to Meeting : {{formatDate(now; “YYYY-MM-DD”)}} else it didn"t show the date of creation of the folder