Creating new database item using default page in notion

Hi everyone,

I’m new user to, i’m trying to make Gsheet integration with notion and i would like to synchronise a gsheet with my notion database. I have to manage information update and new database item when a new row is created in the gsheet. I would like to create a new database item using the defaut page settle in notion. For the moment my scenario is a trigger watching a new row in gsheet, i try the get a page module to be able to identify the defaut page, create a database item, and the update database item. it seems not possible to consider the defaut page as new item and update the page as it is concidered as an archive page. any thoughts on this ? many thanks

Ok, I succeeded using this kind of scenario

Hey @Olivier_Lacombe and welcome to the community :wave:

So amazing to hear that as a newcomer you were able to figure this one out by yourself! :clap:

Just FYI I marked your suggestion as a solution so other Makers can use it and learn from it. Please feel free to do so in the future as well. :smiley:

well sorry guys. Didn’t know what I’ve made but it seems that it doesn’t work anymore. I will post if I find a solution and will be happy to hear solution from you