Csv headers are gone after parsing even with headers ON?

I’m grabbing a csv off an ftp server. Then parsing the csv with parse csv module. Then creating multiple csv’s with create csv module. My csv file from the ftp server has headers in the first row. In the parse csv module I have checked yes on ‘CSV contains headers’ but yet they are gone from its output. If I check NO then I do get my headers but recognized as a regular row and not a header row so I lose my headers down the pipeline anyways. What could I be doing wrong here? Seems ridiculously straight forward and yet I can’t get my desired output. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you all.
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Howdy @jaj_vr Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

Can you take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your make scenario for me,
along with the relevant module configurations
and share-all-duotoneshare the images here?

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ok thank you. added screenshots to op. any help is much appreciated. thanks.

The headers get used into the output bundle structure yes? Isn’t that the desired output? Or am I missing exactly what you’d like to see in the output of the parse csv call.

Can you tell us what the desired output is?

No. The headers are nowhere to be found in the output bundle. I assume my headers should be used in place of ‘Column 1’, ‘Column 2’, etc… Does the [parse csv] module with ‘headers ON’ not pass the headers down the pipeline? I assumed it would.

Further down the pipeline I create multiple csv files based on csv passed into this parse module and need those headers.

Those are headers in output bundle no?

Not sure what you’re referring to. The sftp module only shows that it picked up a csv file. The header row is inside the csv file as seen in the parse csv input bundle that I highlighted with a red box. For example the first header field is PrimaryEnrollmentNumber.

I see. Have you tried a simpler 2 line file with just a few fields?

The file is quite simple and a valid csv file as it is.