Create CSV - Column Headers Not Passed on When Using Parse CSV

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I am building a scenario using the Create CSV to generate my final CSV file. Everything works like a charm besides getting the column headers passed on.

The issue is the column headers are not passed on when “Parse CSV” is used to aggregate fields. However, it works if e.g. “Basic trigger” is used to aggregate the fiels.

To illustrate, see these two flows:

Flow 1: Column headers not passed on
Module 1: Parse CSV
Module 2: Create CSV

So when the source module/aggregated fields module is “Parse CSV”, then the column headers are not passed on but instead called “Col1”, “Col2”, etc.

However, if another source module/aggregated fields module, then the column headers are passed on. See flow 2 →

Flow 2: Column headers passed on
Module 1: Basic trigger
Module 2: Create CSV

Anyone knows if this is intended behaviour and if so, what the work-around is to actually pass the column headers on when using Parse CSV?

I do NOT wish to use “Create CSV Advanced” as this requires setting up data-structure (which cannot be exported as a part of the blueprint).

Thanks a lot in advance for any input!


While I’m waiting for Make support to get back…

I found a work-around. Make sure you have the headers twice (when parsing the CSV) and then set the Create CSV module’s “Include headers in the first row” to “no”.

Hello there @majaovergaard welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to step in and say great work figuring out this workaround :clap:

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to come back here and share your findings with everyone. We absolutely appreciate your contribution :pray:

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