Custom-app usage statistics

For the Make custom apps that are available publicly, is there a way for the developer to get some sort of global usage stats? For e.g how many active users are using the custom-app, most used module etc?

I couldn’t find anything in the Make documentation.

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Thanks a lot for bringing the question into the community :pray:

Currently, there is no such feature available for custom app developers. You can, however, log this suggestion in our :point_right: Idea Exchange. It’s a great way to share your idea with others and see if they’ll support it with their upvotes. Plus, you’ll be able to stay in the loop and get updates on the progress.

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Not sure if it is against Make guidelines, but if you are building your own custom app, you can integrate it into the app itself to track such metrics using,


Thanks for mentioning this. Yeah I thought of this too but due to enterprise and InfoSec requirements, I can’t really hard code it into the app.

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Noted @Michaela thanks for mentioning that :slight_smile:

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