Custom Webhook Not Getting Data

I have successfully used Custom Webhooks multiple times, with airtable. I want to send a task to Todoist when an Airtable record enters a view. I have my automation set up to trigger the webhook when the record enters the view. I can see that it is successfully running on the airtable end, but none of the data is making it to the Custom Webhook module. I’ve tried starting over with a new webhook/link but Make is not getting any data. I checked my airtable connection. It’s fine, and the other webhooks I have running between airtable and make are fine. Any suggesions?

@jbx some times the webhooks become inactive hence I would recommend you to generate a new webhook URL and try.

Also, the best way to check whether webhook is working or not is to copy the Webhook URL and paste it in your browser address bar > hit enter.

If the webhook is working then you will see the response “ACCEPTED” else there will be an error.

Feel free to get in touch for any further assistance.

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