Data don't pass from one module jotform to next module


I can’t get data from jotform module to email module if I use event “get form submissions”. It works with “Watch for submissions”.

I see variables in assistant to create an email with data from jotform.
When I execute scenario, I see right datas going out of jotform module and filter but they are empty when they are out of email module.

I create a brand new scenario and it is the same.

Thank you for your help.


Hello @ad and welcome,

Can you please send a scrennshot with the first bundle from Jotform ?


Thank you for your Interest in my case.
Here is the desired snapshot.
Datas are fine in first bundle.


Hi again,

You have to check if you receive same data structure all the time. It looks like on Answers the data structure does not come the same all the time.

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:pray: Thank you very much @Wemakefuture : I have cloned form to get a clean datas and it’s much better now.
I have a new problem a step further.
In a jotform, I get two kind of datas : first data = form’s input data and second data = question+input data. In my email module, I get only the second one. First data is empty.
For example :

Have you got an idea to understand why it doesn’t work as expected ?

Thank you


I made a mistake.
I have to use get to retrieve data in array


All is fine now !