Retrieve submissions from Jotform

I am trying to build an automation that upon a trigger retrieves a submission from Jotform.

I used the Jotform Get Submissions module, and filtered by the submission ID.

The retrieval seems fine, but unlike the response from Jotform’s Watch for Submissions, each field is returned as an array and the value that I am looking for is the second value of the array. My subsequent step could not retrieve the value.


Anyone can help?

Hi Mike,

I use Jotform too, but find it easier to use a Webhook integration on the Jotform side to call a Make Webhook upon form submission.

If you continue to use the Jotform module in Make, you may need to use an Iterator (for answers ) followed by an Aggregator then in the module after Aggregator you can use array functions to get your data from the array that the Aggregator produces.


Hi @Mike_Ng

To obtain the necessary element from the array, utilize the ‘get’ function as follows: {{get(1.vehicleNumber; 2)}}. This will provide you with the second item within the ‘vehicleNumber’ array.

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