Data Store pricing

Hi, I’m on the free plan on and it seems I can create a data store of a maximum 1 megabyte. According to the help the size of the internal storage depends on your plan level, but on the pricing page the size of this isn’t mentioned anywhere?


Last I checked, the language could use a bit of clarity.

It says you get up to 1000 datastores, but, the real limit is on the total amount of data. You get 10mb for each 10k ops. But they have a minimum of 1mb. So, for the free plan at 1k per month, you can only have 1 datastore. On the 10k ops plan per month, you get 10 datastores if they are each 1mb each.

150k monthly ops = 150mb, so 150 1mb datastores, or 1 150mb.

Hopefully that’s clear :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for stepping in Luke! :pray:

I’m just jumping in because I’d like to add that the info about data stores (and much more) can be found on our Pricing parameters page.