Not enough space in storage


I’m trying use this feature, but it got “Not enough space in storage” message after create my first Data Store.

I can’t set either size for this data store. Just 1MB is setted by default.

What is max storage size for free plan?
What is max storage size for every plan?

Hi @molavec

you get 10 Mb per 10.000 operations. So the free plan should have 1 mb at least. But I have seen this error. Maybe write support about it, they can check your plan.

(or subscribe for the core plan for just 10,59 $ per month, you won’t regret :sunglasses: )

See here for a full overview:


Hi Make.

I understand. With this 10k ratio, free plan has 1 MB space and apparently one Data Store has 1 MB a min. So, in the free plan 1 Data Store is allowed.

It could be a great idea to add this info more explicit in the pricing list.

Currently, I’m in the development phase, so I will use the free plan until production.

Thanks for that info.


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