Where and how can i know how much space i used in storage

I am a free plan user, I created one data store already, which is 1M space, when I create the second one, I received the reminding: Not enough space in storage.
thanks for your help

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According to Data store,

The total internal data storage capacity depends on the plan you have purchased.

and Pricing parameters > Usage allowance

Usage allowance is proportional to the number of operations that you purchase.

If you are on the Free plan, you have 1000 operations per month, which equals 1 MB of data storage and 1 data store.

You get 10MB per 10000 operations, which is prorated to 1MB per 1000 operations.

This means on the free plan you can only create one data store, because the minimum size of a data store is 1MB.

To continue creating more than one data store, you will need to upgrade your Make subscription.

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