Datastores and Downgrading a Plan

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My memory is a little hazy at the moment, but a client of mine is in a bit of financial distress, so they need to downgrade their plan from a 800k ops plan to a 10k Ops plan (Core).

They have a whole heap of datastores, and their business operations are at a halt at the moment, but just trying to remember if there will be any issue when they downgrade.

Will their datastores (which will be well above the 10k ops plan limit) be deleted automatically? Will all the datastores stop functioning? Do we get to choose which data stores remain operable?,-downgrading,-or-canceling-#:~:text=A%20popup%20window%20appears.%20Click%20Downgrade%20to%20...%20plan%20(the%20...%20part%20changes%20according%20to%20your%20plan).

You should be able to see what would happen after starting the downgrade process but without confirming it and You cancel the downgrade if they need to make changes beforehand

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Thanks Sebastian!

It only shows me the unused operations that would get affected.

It makes no mention of data stores. Is it safe to assume all data stores will continue to work even though the current plan far exceeds the allowed limit for storage?

To be 100% sure please open a ticket from the account and let our support validate this.

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