Date formatting problem in google sheet

Hello community,

I’ve seen quite a few topics on the subject but nothing that meets my needs.

I have a very strange problem with google sheet, I’m looking for lines that contain a date that is formatted in my google sheet DD/MM/YYYY. It even offers me the selector to enter a new date if necessary. For the search no worries the format does not matter I have the impression.

It’s afterwards that it gets complicated, it sends me back the date MM/DD/YYYY in some cases when the first value is less than 12 after 12 it must realise that there are not 13 months and this time it sends me back the value DD/MM/YYYY.
I’ve tried a lot of search row settings but nothing works.

Date in google sheet 11/06/2023 DD/MM/YYYY → value it returns 6 November 2023, whereas I want to find 11 June 2023.

Has anyone encountered this formatting problem?

Thank you,
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Hi there.

Seeing the actual output of the mentioned GS module would be really helpful in this case…

From my experience, the GS modules usually return the date as a string if the date columns aren’t specifically formatted to “date”. So, if your date is returned as a string, you should be able to take the module’s output and parse it into a date by using the correct tokens.

After that, you can use the formatDate function to format it into your desired format. Also, check the tokens for formatting.

Hope this helps to get you on the right track.