Dedupe with Iterator + distinct() not working

Problem + Tried Solution

Trying to dedupe bundles with the exact same information.

Tried using an Array Aggregator from a Jira issues module then passing the array to an Iterator to filter for bundles with distinct Issue IDs.

Expecting Iterator to run X number of times, matching the number of distinct bundles filtered. Instead, Iterator only ever runs once. Inspecting the Iterator shows the input bundle contains an array of only a single collection. However, the earlier Array Iterator outputa a bundle with an array of multiple collections.

No active filters running.

Recording + Screenshot

Recording showing output logs for the Array Iterator and Iterator modules.

Iterator setup:

Does anyone know either:

  1. Why the Iterator only runs once
  2. Is there a better method than using an Array Aggregator + Iterator? The data from Jira already comes across as multiple bundles.

Hi @jalakoo,

The thing about using distinct in is if there is no matching keys for the filter that you are using it returns the first result regardless of number of items that you have in the array.

I think the way you are doing is just fine, however in distinct you need to use primitive keys of the collection that you are doing array operation so instead of using displayed name Issue ID, you need to use id, which you can grab by hovering the field name in the output, so just replace the function distinct with this,

{{distinct(2.array; “id”)}}