Trying to remove duplicate keys in array

Sup guys!

In my scenario i’m trying to take a list of profiles and basically return all the profiles that appear in the list more than 3 times (by looking at the profileLink column)

So I’ve done an Array Aggregator step to group by the ‘profileLink’ key so I could find out how many times each link appeared in the array

However after filtering out all the links that appear less then 3 times, I tried to do a distinct filter to remove all the duplicates, however i’m catching an error

Any thought on what i’m doing wrong here? Thanks!

Here’s my blueprint:
blueprint (4).json (54.7 KB)

And my output bundle for my array aggregator step:
bundle.txt (830.3 KB)

Appreciate it guys!

Hey @aosbornee ,

I think this should be achieved by using the deduplicate() function. Have you already tried this approach before?

~ Jock

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Appreciate the response Jock!

At what part of the flow can I run the deduplicate?

I’d want to run it after I’ve aggregated all the ‘profileLinks’ and then filtered out those that appear less then 3 times

This is not correct.

The deduplicate function only works on an array containing primitive values.

The distinct function should be used instead for an array of collections.

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They are already grouped by profileLink, so there are no duplicates in the top-level aggregated array.

What you can do to access each profile in the sub-array of each grouped profile, is the following:



Or, you can aggregate all profiles with a text aggregator, and selecting the array sub-properties (which will also grab from the first array’s item)


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I think you’re right @samliew. Thanks!