Delay with Data Store not working because of Time Format?!

Hi all,

I want to send follow-up mails 8 hours after a calendly booking. But i think, something is wrong with my date / time filters in the data store search module.

The Workflow
This workflow is build out of 2 scenarios.

  • Scenario 1: When Calendly Event is Booked write a date + time +8 hours to data store
  • Scenario 2: Check Data Store for date and send mail with gmail

At the end of scenario 1 write the needed information into a data store. I use the addHours function to add the 8 hours:

For example: if someone book a meeting at 10 am, i want to send a mail on 6 pm (8 hours later).

After this, the Data Store looks like this:

Now, in the second scenario I search every 15 Minutes if there is a new entry in the data store.
With the filters I want to check if the timestamp of the record is in the last 15 minutes. if yes, process the rest of the scenario.

Here are the filters.

Well it only works, when i delete all the filters, so I think, the issue is in my filters.

Well, lets say someone book a meeting at 10am today. The result will be a date and timestamp in the data store like this: 2023-08-26T18:00:00.000Z

Because 10am + 8 hours = 6pm (In germany = 18:00:00)

Now, the second scenario should start by schedule for example at 18:05:00. Now it should find the record with the timestamp. If the timestamp is in a time of the last 15 minutes proceed the flow.

Anyone has an Idea, why it is not working?

Thank you much.


For Example I have now record in the data store:

so its today 13:25.

Now i run the second scenario:

So from point of view, the search had to find my record an proceed. but it did not.

I think using the datastore here is not necessary. You should use an module that allows you to set a schedule and forget.

Then when the schedule is up and triggers your webhook (using another scenario), you proceed with sending the reminder email.

Something like this (excluding step 2): Send WhatsApp messages in specific dates - #3 by samliew


thank you much for this idea.

But can you tell me the issue in my solution? i want to understand the issue. Whats wrong in my scenario / filters?