Differences between how Monday modules display subitems

Hi guys, I’m working with Monday.com subitems. The problem I’m having is that the Monday - Get an Item module and Monday - List Group’s Items module are displaying subitems differently.

Get an Item (with “Show Subitems” checked) includes a subitems array which lists each subitem and all it’s parts.

List Group’s Items (with “Show Subitems ID” checked) only includes an array of subitem IDs.
I can include Subitems as a column, but that gives me a text of all the subitem names concatenated, plus an array of subitem IDs. I will then need to waste operations getting the subitems manually.

I would like List Group’s Items to give me the data in the same way as Get an Item. I need them both to create the same data structure because the modules that follow are the same in both cases.

Is there a way to see the code that these modules send to Monday so I can perhaps make my own List Group’s Items by using an Execute GraphQL Query?