Discord add user to channel

Hi !

I try to link a sheets (result from a survey) with somes user id discord, to create unique channel for each user.

in fact:

  1. user make the survey
  2. survey go to sheet
  3. sheets make connection → discord module create channel with role permission but not for user (with ID).

can you help me ?

Here the scenario → 2022 07 04 14 31 02 837 1 - YouTube

Howdy @RL Welcome to the :make: Make Community

I know it has been a while since you posted, hope you will still find this useful.

Without using the Discord “make api call” module. or the discord API through the HTTP module. which would be the correct way to do this.
This can be done using stock discord modules in make, and using discord member roles. but this has a giant caveat:

:warning: This balloons out of control very quickly. and may not be feasible depending on the number of users involved.