Need to add or remove a discord role for users based on Google Sheet Data

Hi all,

My overview scenario is this:
I have users in Beehiiv (newsletter). Some will be premium (paid).
I"m going to be dumping this data into a google sheet.

For those that upgrade/pay, I’m going to send them a google form to share their discord username (to invite them to a closed channel).

What I’m needing to do is this:
I’m going to be combing the beehiv data with the entry forms data. So two sheets into a third since I need to know the beehiv email, the current status of their membership, and the discord username associated with that individual.

Now I need to run a command that looks at that current discord, and if the discord user is also a premium subscriber, it’s assigned a role to give access to a closed channel.

if the discord user WAS a premium subscriber (but is no longer, and that should be reflected/changed on the google sheet), the role is revoked.

This is my thinking…

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It certainly looks doable. You also need to consider edge cases where the user upgrades before they have provided their Discord username.

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