Discord Role asign on Google Sheet row update (or any) not working

Hi guys, I made a Google Sheet watch Rows + Discord add Role to guild member. Is not doing anything nor giving any error.

It does work to send messages etc… but not working with Roles. Same happening with other alternative softwares like this one.

Any tips ? Thanks!

Hey @Zow ,

I haven’t used Discord before in this kind of way, so could you maybe share some more information? how does the scenario look? Have some screenshots?

Let us know!


Hey, thanks for your answer, so, I finally got it working one direction, but can’t do the contrary case.
If user is on the list, it adds the Role, although it should remove it in case it isn’t on the list thanks to the router… :frowning:
I don’t see how.

Any ideas? tvm

Hi @Zow ,

Try to do it with using the Router Filters. You can put the google sheets in front of the router, and filter based on if it found anything.
If it found something, the Total number of bundles will be 1 (or more if you have duplicates). if it found nothing it will have 0.

See screenshots

Hope this helps you!