Docusign to Google Drive template (results have same file name)

Hello - I’m a brand new Make user (sorry for the super-naive question).

My goal: I’m trying to move completed/signed Docusign PDFs (and corresponding certificates) from Docusign to a specific folder in Google Drive, with the signor’s name in the saved file name.

What I’ve done so far: I used the super-helpful Docusign to Google Drive template and it works great, except for the name of the saved PDF’s (saved to Google Drive).

The Problem: The Google Drive signed document files are always saved as 1.pdf, no matter how many signed documents are transferred from Docusign to Google Drive. I wish the signed document was saved with the signor’s name instead of the number 1. I attached a screenshot of one output set (document + certificate), showing the overly-generic names for these documents. Additionally, the correlated certificate is always saved as certificate.pdf. I also wish each certificate was saved with the signor’s name.

This is my first post, so I hope I followed the rules ok. I attached screenshots with my existing setup.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Welcome to the Make community!

Can you take a screenshot of the fields set-up on the Google Drive module?

Instead of just sending the file from Docusign, you can select Map, and only change the File Name field without touching the Data.

Wow, @samliew, that was a perfect solution to my naming problem. Thank you so much.
My new challenge is that I want to only transfer new DocuSign documents to Google Drive (and not re-transfer older versions). I’ll tackle that challenge separately. Thanks again! Jeff