Rename the Copied File (Google Drive Module - Copy a File)

I have a Scenario where I create folders in Drive (when a record is created in SmartSuite),
and need to copy “template” google doc files.

I have it working, but the copied files are named "Copy of … "
And I don’t have the names in any of the modules.

I thought of using an extra module of search files, just to get their names.
I am not sure if that’s a good solution or what’s a best practice here?

It is more on how GDrive functions i.e if there is a duplicate file name it will rename the new file having suffixes as Copy of File Name.

What you can do is,

  1. After the Create File/Folder Module
  2. Add a Router that will have two routes, one for your remaining modules(if any)
  3. Check if the returned File name Starts with Copy of
  4. Use Update a File Module and rename the file

Thanks @Runcorn, this helps!

However, I don’t have a duplicate issue and don’t need to do a check.
Copying from one drive folder to another already creates a new file by adding “copy of” and not with the same name (even if I am not copying in the same folder).

As I’m new to Make, I didn’t know about the update file module.
It does the job but adds an extra Operation.
I was trying/hoping to be able to do this with a single module.

Hi @Vasken,

You can use Copied File Name option if you know beforehand the name of the file.

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Thanks again.

That solves my problem (for now), as I am using a single module for each file (I believe there must be a more efficient way to do this)
Which is related to my other question/post.

If I can clone my folder with files with a different approach, I’ll need an alternative solution to rename the files.

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