Prevent duplicate signed DocuSign documents to Google Drive

Hello Make Community -
Very new user here. I’ve been able to create two connected scenarios, which is great. I have just one edit to one of my scenarios that would solve my problem, but I don’t know how to make the edit.

My Goal: Only download (transfer) new or unique signed DocuSign documents to Google Drive. I do not want duplicate signed DocuSign documents uploaded at regular intervals.

What I’ve done so far: My first module is set download signed DocuSign docs to Google Drive every 15 minutes (15 minutes is arbitrary).

The Problem: Every 15 minutes all signed DocuSign documents (PDF’s) are downloaded to Google Drive, creating duplicates every 15 minutes. I had to turn the scenario off to limit the duplicates. My intuition tells me I need a filter of some sort (??), that would prevent duplicates from being included.

I attached screenshots to help.

Thank you for any tips.

To “filter” those that hasn’t been processed by the previous run, is to compare the date of the last scenario run, to the date of the searched (latest) signed documents.

To do this, take a look at my recent answer on another topic : Automation is repeating every 15 min when the rule is greater than date - #13 by samliew

Hint: Your “From date” field should contain the “Timestamp” of the last scenario run, and you can probably leave the “To date” field empty.


Thank you, @samliew!
I reviewed your previous post link that you included; however, I’m afraid to say that’s over my head (API, SQL is out of my league).

I did add a filter, but I suspect it’s not going to work correctly because I don’t define when the last run happened. See screenshot.

Sorry to be dense (massively inexperienced). Is there a simple way to only download (include) files that were added since the last run?

Thanks much!


You don’t need to use SQL search module - that was the other person’s original trigger. You need to copy the Make module to get the Timestamp for use in your own Search module. By using the Make module as the first operation, we can treat the search module like a watch (for new items) module.


@samliew - you’ve been so helpful to me - thank you!!

I set up the Make API at the beginning of the process (first time doing that). Then I have a filter after my DocuSign Search Envelopes module. My filter looks just like your sample you provided, except for the Condition box. I’m not certain what to put in the Condition box. I have options for DocuSign and Make fields.

Any final thoughts on that piece?

Thank you very much

You may not need a filter since you can already set the “From date” field as the timestamp from the Make module.

See the second screenshot in your first post all the way up.


@samliew - you’re right again! My scenario now works as hoped, and I really am grateful for your help!! I learned a bunch through this process, which is great.
Thank you so much.

No problem, glad I could help!

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