Downloading/Uploading a file in Monday

Hello all. I’m new to Make and here is my scenario:

I have a master group of employee certifications that I need placed in a separate workspace for the job that said employees are assigned to. I have everything down with the exception of getting the file from the inbound file column to actually upload to the target table. I went ahead and separated the scenario into a new one just for the file upload so that I can isolate the issue. Here are the screenshots of the scenario:

Here is the output on the file download:

Here is the input on the add a file function:

Here is the output on the add a file function:

I have confirmed the Item ID as being correct and the board as being correct. If it makes a difference, it is uploading to a subitem. When I run the scenario, it claims success, yet no file is uploaded into the target board’s file column. Any help would be much appreciated!

It helps if I tell it to look at subitems instead of items lol. It works now!


Hello @Brian_LaRose :wave:

What a great solution! We appreciate you sharing the details with us.

Keep up the good work :cat_roomba: