Dropbox 401 Error for API CAll

Hey all.
I am trying to make an API call to dropbox within the scenario. I keep coming across the 401 error which is missing/scope. after researching here it turns out its missing a permission. and the advice has been to add sharing.write which I have done. Please check out this loom video.
Ive spent 4 days trying to figure this out with no success. please help!

Hello @Simplify_Gardening and welcome to the Make Community!

Sorry to hear you’ve having trouble with Dropbox API calls.

If I were you I would try replicating what you’re trying to do in Postman first.
Once you know it works, you can then start migrating to Make.

After adding that scope, did you create yourself a new token? Adding scopes does not retroactively update existing tokens. You mentioned in your video you “Create a new Dropbox” but I am not sure if that’s referring to a new account, new token, or what, so just wanted to verify.

Is it possible that some scopes may still be missing or there are some other permission issues with that particular file you’re trying to create a link for?