Dropbox Error

Hello All
I have made the change over from integromat in the last couple of weeks.

In that time I am constantly getting the same “RuntimeError [429] too many write operations” in random dropbox modules, but it doesn’t seem to repeat on a dropbox module having restarted the same scenario. I never experienced this while using Integromat.

I have noticed that this error occurs when there are two or more scenarios running at the same time.

What is causing this RuntimeError and Is there away to stop this error occurring?


Hi @Jorgen_Enevoldsen,

Is your scenario triggered by a webhook? If so in Make operations can be run in parallel which is great but increase your chances of hitting a rate limit.

To avoid this you need to create a processing queue on a first scenario and then use a watch module to process your queue sequentially.

I just checked and I don’t see a way to force Make to process webhooks sequentially.

Edit: the setting “sequential processing” that also exists in Integromat actually does exactly this :grin:

Try that, it should mimic the behavior that you had in Integromat


Thank You @loic.wiseflow

I will give this a go and see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

Once again thank you