Dropbox Sign URL problem

Hi All,

I’m using the Dropbox sign (Formerly Hellosign) to try and retrieve signed documents.

I have a webhook collecting the event but it doesn’t provide a link to the signed PDF. I’ve added a module to ‘Get signature request files’ but I get an error when trying to get the url.

It works without the URL but just provide data (See images.)

I guess my question is how to I get around the error the URL is giving me or how do I convert that data for the URL or file. It will end up in Airtable attachment field

Any solutions or advice here before I look elsewhere ?

I wish I could help, but Dropbox sign is a paid product :frowning:


Try using the File in your first screenshot, to upload as PDF to a file hosting service like Dropbox or Google Drive first.


Thanks @samliew That works in that I can recreate a PDF, seems a long winded way as I now have to share and attach to Airtable but it is a working solution for now.

Thanks again