Duplicate Events Issue

Hi everyone, just wanted to ask about an issue I’m facing while waking for Make support to get back to me on this. I’ve been having a problem where there are duplicate events occurring - you can see below.

Upon checking Square developer dashboard, there are no duplicates on Square’s side (attached screenshot of relevant event).
Square support has also informed me there are no duplicates or issues on their end.
The issue only happens when there is roughly a 4 second difference between the triggered at & sent at timestamps. Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Thank you!

Hi @kevinl3 ,

I think this usually happens when the app’s webhook does not receive Make’s webhook response like the webhook has been received in a timely manner. There are some apps that have a very short “patience” when waiting for the response so what happened here is that Square’s webhook is a bit impatient and thinks it’s not received thus resending the webhook data again and this is causing a duplicate.

I had this issue before yet adding Data Store modules is a huge help when it comes to this kind of case!


Hope this works for you!


If you don’t need to return any data, the recommended suggestion for these issues is actually to return a 200 response immediately after the webhook trigger module, THEN continue the rest of the scenario.

If there are no “Webhook response” modules in your scenario, the Custom Webhook trigger module does this:

The response is returned to the webhook’s caller right away during the execution of the Custom Webhook module.
Help Center, Responding to webhooks

However, in your scenario, you have placed a “Webhook response” module at the end, so this default behaviour is no longer the case.

Simply DELETE the “Webhook response” module at the end, and the trigger module will immediately respond with either a 200 or 400 status message, so that the external service gets notified instantly instead of waiting for your scenario execution to complete first.

For more information, see Responding to webhooks.