Duplicated Scenario Fails

I have a scenario where when a lead accepts an event invitation on linkedin, we invite the, to the corresponding google event and then update the contact inside GHL. It works perfectly fine.

When I duplicate it to do the exact same with another LinkedIn event, it fails and we cannot figure out why.

Here’s a loom video explaining the issue:

Hi @Carlos_Adell

In your video module 18 doesn’t output any bundles:

So the behaviour of Make on the filter looks ok. Question now is: why are no bundles being returned :slight_smile:

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Yes exactly, I got someone accepting the request, so the details were sent, the automation works fine up until the first Google module and then stops. So the “bundles” make it to the first google module and then disappear when they get to the filter???

Can you make any sense of this @Loopz ??

This is the question from the beginning, if you observe the flow of data the bundles stop right on this filter, WHY? if in the other scenario work perfectly fine @Loopz ??

The Google calendar module didn’t find any event with the given query and calender id.
So either any of these input params to the Google calendar module is incorrect (meaning: doesn’t match the actual event), OR (purely hypothetical) the input params are correct but the event wasn’t visible to be retrieved, yet.

In case you’re sure the calendar event exists now, try running only the google calendar module with the values that you copy from the ‘input’ header on the screenshot. You can do so by just cloning the existing Google calendar module and dragging the ‘start’ icon directly to the cloned module and then running the scenario

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Ok thanks, @Loopz , I am not sure I understand the second part of your message here, the event was correctly set up and the query was also right since I copied the exact same name from the calendar.

I edited the name and made it shorter and now it seems that this module is working fine. See screenshot.

However, I don’t know how to test the automation without having new attendees at the event. How can I retrieve previous submissions to test the whole thing?

It could be that something in the Appointment name is a bit tricky and causing the Google calendar module to not find the event.

If this calendar is under your control, perhaps you can manually create an event and then try to look it up via a single Google Calendar - Search Events module?
Start with the current event title, see if it works. Then repeat and make the event title a bit longer until it stops working or you’re using the original event title.

Searching an event by name is a bit brittle. I don’t know the specifics of this scenario, but I would much prefer to avoid depending on the event name. Is the LinkedIn Lead Gen creating the event?

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@Loopz I have tried what you suggest and it doesn’t work, it’s ok as I mentioned I have already changed the name of the event, and now seems that is working.

The problem that I have now, as mentioned above, is that I have no way to trigger the whole automation again.

Is there a way that I can retrieve some of the results from previous submissions so I can make sure the scenario works fine???

I notice you’re using the List event form responses and not the watch form responses module.
We can take advantage of that and see if we can tweak the configuration of that module to also return some already existing responses.
Please open the List event form responses and post a screenshot of the configuration. I would like to know if we can tweak the input params to find older responses.

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Thank you for your response @Loopz , yes I use the event response so every time someone says YES to the event, we receive their details.

Here’s a screenshot of the settings, not sure this will help. Would it be better to use the Watch module, if so, why?

Yeah, It will be better, cause it will make sure that you don’t run into duplication, although you have handled it through the filter options in the List Event Form Responses. Plus, If there is an error and you are not using Break Error Handler, It will ensure that you won’t miss any Responses plus it will allow you to choose any particular event that you want to rerun. Plus, If you want to lower the scenario execution time, you don’t have to manually update the start date in your filters.

Having said that, Typically Make Make Watch Modules have a certain limit by which I mean the number of items returned at a single execution, so if you are not getting thousands it won’t be a problem.


hey @Runcorn thanks for the response :slight_smile:

We are not getting a crazy amount of responses, no, but it sounds interesting. I am not sure how to go about using this kind of module, is there an article or content I can get access to to learn more and start using it?

It is under the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms,

You can use the Instant trigger, that will allow you to immediately process the form submission if you want, or else just switch it to schedule to run every hour.

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Awesome will give it a shot, I was wondering if there’s anywhere where I can learn how to use it properly?

Not sure, if there is any maybe you can search for it in Youtube or even here,

You can mark @Loopz original answer as a Solution as it solved your problem regarding the issue with Google Calendar.


Hi again @Loopz and @Runcorn, unfortunately, the proposed solution is not valid here, the event I am using is one exclusively for Events, the ones suggested above are for Lead Gen Forms, and these are only triggered when a form is submitted on a particular campaign, so it is not possible to set them up for this case.

Going to square one with this.

Ok, we’re still in the scope of trying to test the scenario again with an existing event?

If so, you can stick with the ‘list event form responses’ module, but adapt the start parameter to make sure you retrieve also events older than 60 minutes.

Thanks, @Loopz, I am not sure where to put this event, how long should I be looking in the past, or what results to expect from it.

Should I place it at the start? Are we using this just to retrieve previous responses and then delete it, could you please advise?

If I understood correctly, you are looking for a way to verify if the automation is working fine. There are at least two options to do so:

  • run the scenario and then have anyone on LinkedIn accept the invitation, and then validate in Make if the calender event for the new invite is correctly retrieved. This is more a like a real end2end test
  • verify a part of the scenario, with existing data, so there’s no need to accept again an event in LinkedIn. This would require you to modify the List Event From responses parameters, so it detects also accepted events from more than 60 minutes ago (see the start parameter).
    For instance have it temporarily detect accepted events up to two days ago. By extending this period, you should be able to detect older accepted events and test scenario with it
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Thank you @Loopz I followed the second option and added 2 days, but then it got stuck on the next filter… I guess I am doing something wrong, here’s the loom video: