Dynamically map the connection used for a module

I’d like to make a dynamic scenario uses a different “connection” for a step, based on info from prior steps. Is this possible? For example, mapping different Slack users in a Slack step. I know I can webhook to different scenarios that have different connections, but I want to know if I can do this in the step itself. Using blueprints could work too, but that would be an even worse I think, to create new scenarios and then delete them? I could also possibly use HTTP API calls as a workaround, and map different authorizations into it, but that would take a lot more setup and custom apps in Slack, etc.

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I don’t think you can do this within 1 module.
One thing you can do is set up a router and have multiple Slack modules, 1 for each connection.
Then add filters/logic to determine which ‘route’ you go down.

For example if you have some email variable like courntey@gmali.com then pass the filter to send to Courtney’s slack connection/module.