Each line of text to new column in google sheets

I have make set up to send telegram messages to google sheets. Each message creates a new row and the entire text of the message is all in one column. Is there any way to make each line of text from the message go to a new column?
Here is an example of a message:
:boom: @mad_apes_gambles FULL STATS :boom:
From @thecallcenterbot

:hash: Total calls: 4689
:hash: Last 7 days: 230

:boxing_glove: Performance vs other callers: 22%

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: % Rugged: 1%

:gem: Average P/L: 2719903%
:gem: Median P/L: 130%

% of 2x calls: 58%
% of 3x calls: 37%
% of 6x calls: 18%
% of 11x calls: 10%

:balance_scale: Win rate (any gain): 97%
:balance_scale: Last 7 days: 98%
:balance_scale: Last 30 days: 98%

I would like each of those lines to go to a separate column, it would be even better if I could also split into columns where there is a : but if thats not possible, at least each line in a separate column instead of the entire message in one column.

You can use the “get” and “split” function in each column. It will take some time but since each line ends with the “newline” then it should work without problems.
You can find an example for first two columns in this screenshot:

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