Email formatting help - Content Type: HTML

I’m wondering what type of HTML tags are supported in HTML emails?

I created this example manually:

<p>You have a new prospect!</p>

<b>Property type:</b> {{1.buyer_PropertyType}}</br>
<b>Build type:</b> {{1.prospect_BuildType}}</br>
<b>Price range:</b> {{1.prospect_PriceRange}}</br>
<b>Preferred location:</b> {{1.prospect_Location}}</br>
<b>Name:</b> {{1.prospect_Name.first}} {{1.prospect_Name.last}}</br>
<b>Email:</b> {{1.prospect_Email}}</br>
<b>Phone:</b> {{1.prospect_Number}}</br>
<b>Preferred call time:</b> {{1.prospect_CallTime}}</br>
<b>Property preferences:</b> {{1.prospect_Preferences}}</br>

<p>Let's turn this into an opportunity!</p>

But the line breaks are being ignored, see attached example. I wonder if the line tag I used doesn’t need the back slash?

I seemed to have figured this out by removing the back slash, but one other question I have is why is the email content getting clipped in Gmail?

Frame 42

As you have figured out, the break tag does not have a closing tag. It can be <br> or <br/> - but never </br>.

Gmail generally hides quoted content (like replies), so you only see the original content when viewing that message. Sometimes that can just be the signature, although usually it’s more. You cannot change this behaviour.


Thanks, my bad I for the wrong HTML format for line break.

Just on tables what is the support like for using these within the Content Type? Could there be any downsides to using tables in my use case? As trying to prevent the clipping issue.

Also when I paste my clean markup into the text box, it adds spaces between table elements which causes the email to come through with extra blank cells.

Screenshot 2023-09-10 143402

You should be able to use tables in an email that supports HTML.


Yes I used them for my test and found I had to minify the markup first or it could potentially be broken in the clients mail.

Maybe something to advise in your docs about best practices for tables?

I used this tool which worked perfectly: Minify HTML Online