Email Loop Scenario Question

Hey Yall!

I am trying to create a scenario to essentially run an email loop system for a custom CRM in Airtable.

By Email loop system, I mean I want the scenario to send an email (pulling the email address, subject, and body from an airtable record’s fields). Then the scenario will watch for a reply to that exact sent email.

If no reply is received from the original email sent in the scenario in 3-7 days (or however long I set the interval) then I would have a chat gpt completion generate a “follow-up” email and send it as a reply to the first one. Then continue that for one more or however many follow-ups my client would like.

If a reply is received, well, then a reply is received and then all my client would have to do is check their email lol!

I am just looking to ease their pain of the email loop of hell as we know it, where you have to constantly be on the lookout and generate multiple follow ups for many potential clients.

Any thoughts on how this could be possible? If at all within Make?

Obviously, I would need the exact email’s data from the original email (email address it sent it to and email body text)

FOR REFERENCE: I currently have a “drag and drop” Kanban style trigger system going for their CRM within Airtable. Seen below…

So when the record is placed in “Email Loop” it triggers a code block and connects via webhook with my make scenario below… (I know quite depressing right now, just at a roadblock given this question!)

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If you store sent emails, you can try something like this:

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Absolute Legend, thanks Sam. This not only gave me a solution but you taught me as well.