Fixing an automated Email Loop Scenario

Hi everyone!

I followed a blueprint to creating an email watch/automatic reply system for a particular folder/label. Everything works just fine however, Im realizing that it keeps sending follow ups, and multiplying the follow ups each time. (blueprint/how to for scenario can be found here)

[✉ Automate Follow-Up of Email Leads a Week After]

I am trying to make it so it only sends one initial follow up to the original recipient of an email its grabbing. If i already sent a follow up, it should not send another email to that recipient.

I have added a filter to check if the email content "does not contain : “just checking in” " to filter out my follow up, However, that did not prove to work either.

I saw in the link above, someone had a similar issue to mine under the original blueprint post as well.

I believe something may be a bit foundationally wrong in this scenario and cant figure out for the life of me what it is.

Here is the JSON blueprint file:

follow-up-a week-later-on-email-non-replies.json (24.5 KB)