Email Octopus -- Missing Paramater


I have a very simple scenario that is causing me an issue. A webhook from Wix that is pushing information to an EmailOctopus. The webhook works correctly but when the scenario tries to run I get a “Missing value of required parameter ‘email_address’” error even though the value on the node is filled in with the data from the webhook node.

I’ve done some searching and can’t seem to find a solution and submitted a ticket to support as well. I’ve attached screenshots of the error, parsed data, and node settings.

Hope you can help!

Thank you

For anyone interested. Turns out the error was somewhere in the data that was being sent to the webhook. The JSON Parser couldn’t read it correctly. I ended up routing the webhook data through a JSON module that created one specifically for the parser.

This seemed to solve the issue.

Hi @Marcus_Law,

Good that you fixed the problem!

I’m a bit curious: are you saying that the webhook’s ‘data structure’ feature was not correctly parsing the incoming JSON payload?
In case that feature works for you, you might be able to save some operations by not needing the create + parse JSON modules

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Hi @Loopz ,

That’s correct. When going from webhook directly to email the “email” field wasn’t being parsed at all. So it was being read as empty.

When going from webook to Parse JSON it was saying the data from the webook was a collection and unable to be parsed as text.

I saw that Data Structure option but because in the tooltip it says it’s used for validation I didn’t think it would help in actually changing things to what I needed them to be.

Do you know if that’s the case?

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It’s good that it’s working, but it feels ‘heavy’ to have the create json and parse json modules after the custom webhook. In case you’re also interested in trimming it down, would you mind sharing:

  • a screenshot of the output bundle of the webhook, when the ‘data structure’ was activated?
  • a screenshot of every output bundle in between the webhook and the ‘parse json’ module?
  • a screenshot of the error that was thrown by the json parse module?
  • a screenshot of the ‘parse json’ config module

I don’t think it will change any values. The advantage is that it enforces the incoming payload to match the data structure and immediately returns a proper response code in case it doesn’t match. When that module fails, it’s immediately clear to you and the caller that the incoming payload is not valid; under the principle of ‘fail fast’ it’s good to have. Also it makes the expectations of the incoming payload explicit which is also good.

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I’m having trouble with this as well. Brand new to make and it is kind of frustrating that I can’t even pass an email through to EmailOctopus. Since I am a beginner I don’t really udnerstand how to parse JSON like the person above me did.

I’m in the same boat right now: mapping the incoming Webhook bundle (triggered by a custom Make Form) looks good, but the EO module generates 400 INVALID_PARAMETER errors when using the Webhook test link.