Missing value of required parameter 'email'

I must be missing something very simple.

The webhook (coming from Brevo) gets the email:

The Brevo ‘Get a Contact’ module refers to the webhook:

But then I get the error, “Missing value of required parameter ‘email’.”

What’s wrong here? Do I just need more coffee? Thanks!

When you look at the Diagram (rather than History) what mapped parameters are you sending to Brevo?

It seems strange that you seem to be mapping 1.email … from the Webhook output bundle, there’s no top-level object called email.

Instead, you have a top-level collection called content, which contains an array of emails.

You should use an Iterator to go through that array (there might be more than one entry) and then pass the result to Brevo

That’s it. But why would my other webhook from Brevo send the email through as a top-level object? Screenshot:
Screen Shot 2023-06-16 at 1.13.25 PM

Could it be because I set it up a few months ago and maybe Brevo has changed things? I can’t see anything else I would have done to cause the new webhook to be sent as an array.

Got it working. Thought I’d share a screenshot in case it’s helpful to someone else. This thing accepted an array of over 3000 contacts and processed them all - very nice.


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Hello there @philthrive :wave:

I just wanted to quickly jump in and say thank you for taking the time to circle back to us and for sharing your final setup with the community. I’m sure this will be incredibly helpful to others seeking similar information down the line.

Thanks for keeping the community in mind :pray: