Email parsing without giving access to make

can anyone help me this is not a complicated question
i want to know if i can give make or a linked app access to my incoming emails not by granting access to my inbox but rather something like forwarding all incoming mail to an email adress of a robot that will then parse it for me

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Welcome to the Make community!

Are you asking for something that is a mix-up between a Custom Webhook and a Custom Mailhook – a Make-managed Private Forwarding Email Hook?? That’s actually a very good idea!

Make doesn’t have such a Trigger module, but you can also suggest for it to be made in the Idea exchange. Don’t forget to search for it first, in case someone already suggested it!


Hi @researcher,

Are you able to create a dedicated email box for this process, to which you can give Make the access it needs to do the work you need done?

Then, in your primary mail box, set up a forwarding rules that only forward the mail you want processed to the new box.

Does that make sense? Would it work for you?


You could use a mailhook, which essentially will just read your email and you can perform actions on it (its under the webhooks application)

If you want a 3rd party you could also use mailparser

alternatively you could just make a dubious email and forward all your mail to that and give make access to it