Error 400 Webhook already exists multiple mailgun events


I am trying to start multiple scenarios with mailgun. I want one scenario to trigger on mailgun email open events and another one on email delivered events.

After building the first scenarios I assume I need a second webhook for the second scenario (I can’t even use the mailgun trigger without selecting a mailgun connection.

But when doing so I am getting an " 400: Webhook already exists " error even after using a new connection to the same mailgun domain.

I wonder what the causes of this error is?


Looks like my account is broken, since I deleted everything and I am still getting this error after I have nothing left in the account when I try to create the mailgun delivery trigger, all other mailgun triggers work fine just that one I can’t use.

Well I tried a new account as well now, and always when I choose a specific mailgun domain I get this same error.

If I use a different mailgun account domain the trigger gets created, but ofc I need the specific domain.

Hi there,

Looks like you can only set 1 webhook per event. In this case, as a workaround try using Make’s custom webhook instead: