Error "500" or similar

Error “500” or similar

These error messages are commonly translated as “server errors”.
They usually occur when Make’s API request is valid but “something wrong” happens on the side of the end server/API.

Unless the particular server provides more info about the error in their API response (translated to MAke), it usually is very difficult to determine the source of the error which absolute most cases is caused by the end server.

In case the error does not happen permanently, you can prevent your scenario from being deactivated with the use of our error handlers.
e.g. “Break” - In case of an error, data bundle processing gets paused for the predefined time period and then the same action will be tried again.

In case the service/app throws these errors in most of the scenario executions, it is recommended to contact the support of the given service/app as they might confirm whether there is some temporary issue on their side.