How to prevent "Scenario was deactivated by Make"?


I’m having API requests to the 3rd party application in my scenario.

When one of them gives the “Internal Server Error [500]” error. My scenario is automatically getting deactivated. And I need to go and again activate the scenario manually.

How can I prevent a scenario go from activate to deactivate? I dont want to go there and activate it manually everytime.

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Check it out:



So here is what I understand;

An error module goes to the end of the flow, it doesnt have to be connected to each module. Am I right?

And when I add ignore module for example at the end of my flow, then it won’t deactivate the flow when there is an error on an activated flow. Am I right?

Thank you!

Heya @onurbolaca :wave:

I just wanted to step in with this video from Max van Collenburg that explains error handling quite well :sunglasses:

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Hey guys,

I watched the video but it doesnt answer this;

I’m going to use a break module. And there are lots of http requests on my scenario.

Should I put a break module connected to every http request or should I put only one break module to the end of my workflow?

Hi @onurbolaca ,

There is no “generic” error handler available in Make. You must define an error path on each app where you would like to catch the error and define some logic.

Glenn - Callinetic