Error Handler Not Working


I have a webhook coming in that has text and then sometimes an image.

I have a chatgpt extract information about the image and then that helps the 2nd chatgpt fill out some information.

My problem is when theres no image the scenario doesn’t go past the first chatgpt, even when i have the error handler to just ignore.

I cant sperate the 2 chat gpts because when there is an image i need it for the extracted info.

I also tried a work around copying the entire senario and having a router with one option for if the image existed, however when i tried to save the request was too big.


Ignore simply stops the current cycle, and doesn’t log it as an error. Perhaps you want to use the resume module instead so you can continue the scenario?

For more information on error handling, see:

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Ah yeah, that worked very simple fix my bad!