Error monitoring

Hi there. I’m wondering what the best practice is regarding getting notified about scenarios erroring out and how you track these in general. Being a Ruby developer, I’m used to error monitoring using Rollbar or Honeybadger. With Make it seems like I can either:

  • let the scenario crash and get it completely stopped until I addressed the issue. It might just be faulty params in one specific case, so it wouldn’t be great to cause this to stop other events from being processed
  • ignore errors, which means I won’t even know they even happened and that there is something to look at
  • track errors but continue running (the “break” option, using a queue which quickly is full)

Also apparently the only way to get notified about error is via email. As make doesn’t seem to notify about the 1st, 10th, 100th error, but sends an email for every single error and each retry, everyone in our company with a Make account gets a lot of emails.

So what’s your recommendations for these things?

I would go for Break with no retry. Then go to incomplete execution and check the real cause of the issue. So that I can rectify and push the data again

Thanks for the suggestion. This seems like the best option at the moment. That being said, while I think Make does a lot of things great, I hope that the error handling will improve.