How to get Incomplete exectution notification?

Hi all, Lately I’ve been running into a new problem more and more often, namely silent errors.

Let me explain in more detail. There are hundreds of scenarios of varying complexity in my organization. Among them, there are both scheduled and webhooks.

When any scenario goes down, I get an email notification of the error and can easily monitor this to restore it as soon as possible. This classic scheme has worked well in practice and I can easily monitor a huge number of scenarios in different organizations using the API, as well as tracking incoming emails from make.

This classic scheme works according to the following logic:
There was an error in a scenario module → It stops → I get an alert → The error is manually fixed → The scenario starts.

However, when using the Incomplete executions + Sequential processing OFF option, this logic starts to work differently and I lose the ability to track errors.

There is an error in the script module → It does NOT stop → I do NOT get an alert → The error is NOT fixed → The script runs with errors → I find Incomplete executions by accident only if I go into any script and see them there.

I like the option to save Incomplete executions to fix them later manually, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to know about them.
Unlike the classic scheme where the script stops and I get an error email, Incomplete executions don’t create any notification anywhere.

I consider this a huge problem because my clients are losing orders and leads, and Incomplete executions are piling up in the script, but no information about it is given to me.
I didn’t realize this problem existed before because it runs in the background completely hidden and doesn’t show itself!

The option to switch to Sequential processing ON doesn’t work for me either, because the scenario doesn’t stop, but goes to PAUSED status. Notifications about this status also do not come correctly.

Have you encountered this problem? How can it be solved?

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Welcome to the Make community!

You can use the Break error handler module to attempt to retry modules that may fail with the same data again.

For more information, see


, Thank you for this information.
But the question is still open, I want to find out how to get Incomplete Execution notification. I want to be notified about problems in my scenarios, especially if they are not solved automatically.

In that case, your question might be a duplicate of Make Scenario Notifications and Scenario auto shutdown daily report

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Again, I thank you for your reply.
I already have such a scenario in place. It monitors the script statuses and if the status has changed to “disabled”, I get an instant notification.
But if you read my posts above carefully, it will be obvious that the script status does not change.
It is this problem in the product that I am pointing out.

There is an error in the scenario module → It does NOT stop → I do NOT get an alert → The error is NOT fixed → The script runs with errors → I find Incomplete executions by accident only if I go into any script and see them there.

So the tips suggested above are not useful. I will be glad if someone will pay attention to my question and understand its essence to fix this weakness in

Hi @Supagood,
Sorry I don’t have a solution, but thank you for raising the question.
I have the same issue with my scenarios with Incomplete executions when you accidentally notice that there is quite a queue there and it’s so frustrating that I don’t get notice.

Would be great to get a notification if the volume exceeds specific limit or they remain unresolved after X retries.

Agree. This question needs to be discussed better because people don’t know about the hidden executions in their scenarios.

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I faced with the same question.

That’s a great idea!

You can submit this suggestion to the Idea exchange, under Platform ideas. Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it!

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